Tranquil Wedding Venues Ideas

Your wedding days will be one of the happiest days of your life, and you will want to look back on the day and the pictures to remember how beautiful the event was. Outdoor wedding venues are very popular among modern brides because they offer a beautiful, natural backdrop for the big day. When you have a beautiful, outdoor venue, there is less need for cheesy decorations because the outdoors provide much of the design for you. There are different types of outdoor wedding venues, so any bride can find one that suits her wedding best. Read on to learn about some of the most popular outdoor wedding venue options.


A beach wedding is a classic, romantic option that almost any bride can imagine. The sand and the ocean provide a beautiful backdrop for photos, and if you get married at sunset, the moment will be perfect. Many brides are choosing to go with a beach wedding because they can be much more casual than a traditional wedding. The bride can wear a light, flowy dress instead of a large ball gown, the groom can wear dress pants and a light white shirt rather than a formal tux, and the guests can go with sundresses and more casual dress than what you would think of for a traditional wedding.

A winery is one of the most popular outdoor wedding venues right now. Brides can choose to go as formal or casual as they want with a winery venue. Some brides are choosing to do the full ball gown, tuxedos, and black tie formal wedding. Others are choosing to do closer to the casualness of a beach wedding. A winery provides a backdrop that could work with any wedding, which is why brides are choosing this great venue option time and time again. One of the best parts of having a wedding at a winery is that there is plenty of wine to go around. We are not sure if there is some discount on wine if you have your ceremony at a winery, though.

Gardens are another great outdoor wedding venue that can provide a beautiful backdrop of flowers and greenery on your big day. A lot of brides will spend a small fortune on the flowers for their wedding. Having your wedding in a garden will certainly cut back on floral costs as well as a lot of the other decorating costs. Garden weddings, like winery weddings, can be as formal or casual as you like. Go formal to celebrate a classic garden wedding or go casual to make it feel like a secret garden wedding.

As you can tell, one of the big advantages to outdoor weddings is that you can go traditional and formal or modern and casual. This gives brides a lot more wiggle room to plan their dream wedding and to stay within a budget. Formal weddings can be pricey, so it is nice to have the option to go a little more casual.