Planning a Wedding – Find A VA Venue

Planning a wedding is an extremely exciting part of every woman’s life. While there is a good chance that you have already imagined every detail in your mind by looking at photos and ideas on Pinterest and The Knot, there is much more to planning than idealizing everything in your mind. We worked with a wedding planner to determine some of the big first steps of planning a wedding that should be done sixteen to nine months before the big day. Take a look below for some of the most important information you can find online.

The first thing you should do is start a wedding folder or binder. Put together some of the magazine pages and print out some of your Pinterest inspiration to have some visual representation of what you want. These visuals will help you and anyone involved during the entire process to make sure that you are sticking with what you have idealized.
The second thing that you should do is work out how big your budget will be. Weddings are expensive, so it’s essential to be realistic about how much you can spend and stick to that amount throughout the entire process.
Next, it is time to choose your wedding party. Your wedding party will be able to help you in planning your wedding, and it is important to choose it before developing your full guest list. Choose your party, then make sure to send them something special asking them to be a part of your wedding.
After you have determined who will be in your wedding party, you should start developing your guest list. This is an important part of your wedding because the number of people on the list can significantly alter the cost of your wedding. While it is great to invite everyone you have ever met to your wedding, you need to keep your budget in mind when you are choosing how many people to invite.
If you are going to hire a wedding planner, this is when you should do it. While you do not need to hire a wedding planner, doing so can help you significantly. A wedding planner will have a lot of insight into wedding venues and vendors that you may otherwise not have.

Find A VA Venue

Whether you choose to hire a planner to help you or not, your next big step is to check Say I Will At Chestnut Hill wedding dates available and reserve it for your desired date. It is important to book your Say I Will sooner rather than later because you need to make sure that it is available for the date that you want it. You will need to know the date because you will need to tell your wedding party and send out save the dates.
Now you should start looking into some of the wedding vendors you plan to use. Research some local photographers, DJs, bands, caterers, and florists to get an idea of how much each of these will cost. Keep your budget in mind when you are choosing who to hire for your special day.
There is still much to do after taking these first big steps, but once you have all of this done, everything else will fall into place.