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PowerPoint presentations have become the standard used in schools, universities, and the business world. PowerPoint presentations are a popular medium because the can be easily opened on any Windows computer and because it is possible to quickly convey ideas and to create a presentation adapted to what you need to show your audience.


PowerPoint is a very versatile tool, but more features can be added thanks to a plugin. EZ Vote is a plugin that can be used to add polling features to your PowerPoint presentation. This plugin is easy to use, and there is no need to be familiar with polling software to get started.

EZ Vote Online allows you to insert additional slides into your PowerPoint presentation so the audience can take a poll. This type of ARS polls can be used to have the audience choose from multiple answers. The presenter decides when polling starts and ends.

EZ Vote then generates a report of the polls. You can save this report in many formats and display it to the audience right away. This is a good way to make your presentations more dynamic and to get the audience to play a part in your presentation.

Adding polls to your presentation opens up a lot of new possibilities. You can for instance use this feature to gather some statistics about your audience and compare these numbers to the statistics you were showing in the previous slide. You can also use this feature to get some feedback from your audience or to get an idea of how your audience feels about an issue.

Increase Interest by Polling

Adding polls is very interesting because they will encourage your audience to pay more attention to your presentation and you’ll be able to adapt your presentation in function of what you learn about your audience. Asking your audience to answer questions anonymously is often the best way to get honest answers and to get everyone to participate, which is why polling might be a better option compared to asking members of the audience to speak up.
You should contact EZ Vote


to learn more about this plugin. You can use this plugin if you need to insert ARS polling in your slideshows. This is a simple tool that anyone can use, and that will open up new possibilities for your PowerPoint presentations. This could be a perfect option if you want to make your presentations more interactive and would like to have your audience participate more when you show a PowerPoint slideshow.
You can contact EZ Vote to learn more about this plugin, find out about the equipment you need to have so that the audience can take part in the polls and get a better idea of how the plugin works and what the reports look like. If you often use PowerPoint for your business, work as a motivational speaker or give lectures, this plugin could transform the way you present information and make the entire experience more interesting and interactive for the members of your audience.